WAIGEO, GAM - Central Raja Ampat

The mornings offer the best chance of sighting the rare Red Bird of Paradise. The island of Gam, where the curious local children will sometimes wander with you to the foot of a jungle-clad hill. Hike around 45-minutes to reach the bird-watching platform and keep your eyes and ears open for signs of this elusive, beautiful bird. The statuesque mushroom islands of Kabui Bay mark the entrance to a narrow channel of water through which strong currents run with each tide – the famous Passage. The channel is framed by limestone cliffs and green vegetation and below, offers a rare glimpse at what is effectively a “salt water river”, shrouded with soft corals, fans and sponges. Nearby, the southern edge of Gam has quiet waterways leading through mangroves where you can glide through narrow inlets in the tender, exploring the jungle. You may be lucky and see a bloom of stingless moon jellyfish, making for an enigmatic swimming experience in this luxurious trip.
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