Raja Ampat Snorkeling Cruise Central/Misool Itinerary 8 Nights

Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences well as to weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters are more flexible in the itinerary compared to scheduled Cruises.

Day 1 Raja Ampat Adventure: Departure from Waisai

Depart from Waisai for your Raja Ampat Snorkelling Cruise to Misool and Cental Area. After settling on board, the trip will start with a refreshing welcome drink, a brief introduction to the boat, and a bit of safety briefing. After all these things are done, there is only one thing left to do: relax and enjoy the sunset while cruising overnight to Kofiau.

Day 2: Clear Waters at Kofiau

This day will mark the start of your Raja Ampat Adventure in the southern area. To begin, you will find yourself amidst the North Coast of Kofiau Island in a sheltered anchorage off the secluded village of Deer. This village is a small island separated from Kofiau by a clear channel. Don’t waste any time and explore the area! The turquoise crystal-clear water around these islands is so clear you can see the bottom everywhere.

As the day drifts by, your Phinisi will take you to the Boo Islands in the afternoon with our cruise ship. Boo Islands is a group of small islands with healthy and rich vegetation making it a true birdwatcher’s paradise. Parrots of stunning colors are the common variety of birds flying by but you might be lucky to spot seabirds, too. Cruising towards Misool.

Day 3-5: Caves and Reefs at Misool

Southeast Misool is a place famous for its beautiful coral-draped reefs and a highlight of your Raja Ampat Adventure. The profusion of colorful soft corals and sea fans makes this a haven for the marine animals in the area. Fiabecet has a number of top-notch luxurious snorkeling dive sites where the corals are outstanding. These sites are Nudi Rock, Fiabecet Whale Rock, and Batu Kecil. Take your pick which site to visit and you will never be disappointed with any of them! All these sites are bursting with schools of fusiliers, surgeons, barracuda, and or course, the friendly batfish. Apart from these, there is a high chance of seeing wobbegong and other friendly sharks. The islands around Misool are grouped by areas. Balbulol, Daram Wayilbatan or Yilliet – each of them with stunning land and sea as well as snorkeling sites.

During our time Cruising Misool, don’t forget to pay a visit to the breathtaking Tomolol Cave to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This huge cavern provides an exciting experience where you can swim through its cavernous insides. The walls are lined up with crystal encrusted walls and giant stalactites.

Day 6: Salawati

To the northwest of of New Guinea, Salawati is one of the least developed and visited areas in Raja Ampat. The island offers great snorkeling sites and is the island with the highest encounter rate of new species. The island offers various beaches to explore or have a beach bonfire toward sunset.

Day 7: Batanta Islands

Cruise back into the heart of Raja Ampat and arrive early in the morning in Batanta.
The smallest of Raja Ampat’s four main islands, Batanta offers a great blend of limestone formations, healthy reefs, protected lagoons and tropiucal rainforest. In Batanta there is a beautiful waterfall, just a short trek from a local village. The island offers many secluded mooring locations and great Snorkeling spots – some with frequent Manta Ray sightings.
Cruise towards overnight mooring around Dampier Stait.

Day 8: Dampier Strait

Go for a early trek to view the beautiful birds of Tapokreng. You will be accompanied by a local Papuan guide. Along with other species such as Cockatoos and Huge Hornbills, you will have have an excellent chance to spot the rare Birds of Paradise. Dampier Strait offers a broad variety of spectacular Snorkeling sites for the day such as Carpe Kri or Sardine Reef. In the afternoon, we have time to relax on one of Kri’s secluded beaches before sailing back to Waisai.

Day 9: Waisai

Activities offered according to your flight/boat departures later this day in South Waigeo area. Farewells and end of your Raja Ampat Cruise in Waisai.

ALL PHOTOS ©DianaHimmelspach – Breathhold Photography

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