Raja Ampat Centrals/South/Misool DIVING - 8 Days 7 Nights

Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences well as to weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters are more flexible in the itinerary compared to scheduled Cruises.

Day 1: Welcome to Raja Ampat

You will arrive at the dock via taxi in Waisai and you will settle into your Phinisi liveaboard that you will call home for the next 7 days. After a yacht tour and a safety briefing, you will have an early afternoon lunch as we begin our cruise toward Daram Island. On the way, revel in the fantastic scenery and incredible backdrops that promise more is to come. To finish off your first day, you can enjoy Raja Ampat’s welcome sunset.

Day 2: Diving at Daram Island

Daram Island will be the first stop for diving. One of these dives will be the amazing Andiamo, one of the best dives in South Raja Ampat. Schools of fuciiers, tuna, trivalleys and barracuda are some of the stunning life you can expect to see under the surface. Another divesite, Candy Store, named aptly for its colorful soft corals and big sponges. During the day, in between dives, you will be treated with meals, snacks and juices to keep you energized for your adventures.

Day 3: Mantas and Sharks at Boo Island

In the early morning, the boat will move around Boo Island for more incredible dive sites and a chance to do a stunning night dive in Yellit Kecil. During the day, you can dive Shadow Reef and have the chance to spot Manta Rays and the friendly Wobbegong Shark! Another dive site that is popular amongst guests is Jemur Boo, which is famous for its windows. Although the two rocks appear separate from the surface they are in fact connected underwater by a magnificent reef draped in soft corals where Pigmy seahorses can be spotted amongst the sheer number of fish schools. Close by there is Fiabacet area and a dive site called Nudirock, which gets it’s unique name from the shape of the rock and the little tree that sits on top of it.

Day 4 - Love Potion and Lagoons

Relax on the sun deck of your phinisi yacht charter as the vessel makes its way up around Farondi, where you will find 3 more beautiful dive sites. Love potion features a lively wall and spectacular shallows. At Three Sisters, you can admire Jack-Snapper Fusiliers, Electric Clamp and Pygmy Seahorses. We will also visit the gorgeous Farondi Cave. During this day, you will be taken on a relaxing tour of a close lagoon. The impressive limestone formations and the music of the Birds of Paradise make for an enchanting evening. Just before sunset, the vessel will move up north, toward Penemu.

Day 5: World Class Diving at Penemu

Today, three world known dive sites are on the menu, Galaxi, Barracuda Rock and Melissa’s Garden. In between dives, you also have the chance to do other surface activities, like kayaking or sea scooter! Before sunset, you can stretch your sea legs with a hike up to the top of the hill inside Star Lagoon for a perfect viewpoint.

Day 6: Magic at Mioskon

Even though the boat is indeed making its way back, the adventure is still full on! On this day, you can dive in the Mioskon area with well known sites like Blue Magic and Mike’s Point. Enjoy your evening here counting the stars on the sundeck of your Phinisi.

Day 7: Sunrise Trek

Head off the boat for an early morning trek starting at 530am to get the best chance at spotting the elusive Birds of Paradise. The uphill walk takes about 30 minutes but the reward is panoramic sunrise views from atop the island! Use this day for various water sport actives. In the late afternoon, we will set sail to Sorong or Waisai.

Day 8: Breakfast and Farewells

After your final breakfast onboard, you will bid your farewells to our crew and the magic of Raja Ampat and head back to the airport.

ALL PHOTOS ©DianaHimmelspach – Breathhold Photography

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