A cluster of rocky limestone domes makes up the Penemu Islands, Indonesia. Draped with tiers of green vegetation, the islets encircle a shallow green bay and a walking trail along the rocky hills leads to a look out with magnificent views of the lagoon, its outlying islands, and the ocean beyond. From here, you can venture out to some of the most celebrated snorkelling and diving sites in the area, where turtles float over intricate coral gardens and Manta rays meet large schools of game fish congregating in nutrient-rich currents. Take to a paddleboard or a kayak and enjoy the waters at your own pace, or jump on the tender and cruise out to deeper channels, where you might spot one of the local pods of dolphin, or perhaps some migrating whales.Popular Dive sites include My Reef, Batu Rufus, Harto’s Reef, Galaxy, Rainbow Reef and Melissa’s Garden – a must do for Snorkelers and Divers alike during a Raja Ampat Cruise luxurious trip.
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