KRI, DAMPIER STRAIGHT - Central Raja Ampat

The sound of tropical birds calling from the depths of the jungle make mornings here extra special. Mioskon is a spectacular site during a Raja Ampat Cruise. Spend time snorkelling in the mangroves, or kayaking across mirror still waters, hugging the verdant coastline. Famed for its abundant fish-life and vibrant coral slopes, the Kri Island Papua, Indonesia offers some of the most exquisite underwater vistas in Raja Ampat. Here, you can snorkel over vibrant soft and hard coral reefs through veils of colorful reef fish, and encounter turtles, sharks and even manta rays. Nearby, the island of Mansuar is home to an interesting church, and you can head ashore for a glimpse of local culture. A Raja Ampat Dive Cruise usually visits some of the famous sites of Damier Strait: Blue Magic, Carpe Kri, Sardine Reef, or Chicken Reef in the trip.
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