Cruise the southeast end of of Raja Ampat to rach Misool, a chain of tiny islands create what is effectively a network of hidden coves, scuba diving, thriving lagoons, impressive cliffs, striking caves, photogenic limestone overhang and stretches of sparkling beaches. Misool in West Papua, Indonesia is of Raja Ampat Cruise highlights beneath and above the surface. Famous Dive sites, such as Magic Mountain and Boo Windows, give you a rare experience to explore the some of nature’s most delicate creations. Above the water, “Gua Sacral” awaits visitors. As a former burial site of indigenous Papuans, they are the ancient caves of Tomolol. Glide underwater through a sanctuary-like cave draped in orchids and rediscover archaic relics painted on the edges of the blue surface. Nearby, there is a pearl farm where you can see for yourself one of the ways the locals make a living. There are also white sand beaches within steps, awaiting exploration.
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